Event in Lithuania

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National Association of Digital Education (NADE) organized Project Jobs4Tech Multiplier event on 3rd of October, 2019.

The event started from participants’ registration and coffee. At the beginning NADE representatives congratulated all gathered and presented the aim of the conference.

The project and the main reached outcomes during the implementation of the project were presented and reviewed by Vytaute Monastyreckiene.

Further in the agenda, invited guest from business sector Dainius Mežanskas spoke about the future needs in IT market, he focused on emerging VR/AR technology and the increasing adaptability of this technology and the need for professionals who would be able to create products for companies.

D. Mežanskas introduced participants to the competencies that students need to develop now in order to be in demand in the labor market in a few years, including the focus on soft competencies.

The event continued with presentations on already existing technologies facing students – VR / AR, ever-evolving artificial intelligence, and other technologies that are evidently changing our environment and will only become more relevant in the future.

Another very important part of the multipliers event was sharing of experiences of teachers who conducted pilot modules at VET centers. The teachers presented the progress of the pilot modules, the results obtained and the recommendations for other teachers who will use this module in their courses. Part of the reports ended with the presentation of general recommendations for further project outcomes implementation to the participants.

The event was concluded with a roundtable discussion moderated by Danguolė Rutkauskienė. Consideration was given to how the project could be sustained and the products developed could be used. Students who participated in the pilot module were also given the opportunity to share their experiences and express their views.