Experiences from students and trainers in Lithuania

The integrated itinerary in Virtual Reality has been piloted in all the partners countries: Estonia, Lithuania and Germany.

One of the students from the Smart Tech Academy told us about the pilot experience – I really loved Jobs4Tech module about Virtual Reality. We learnt not just things about VR but also we learnt soft skills that will be useful in everyday life. I think this will help me find a job in the future. I am also really glad that the teachers knew what they were doing, they knew how to explain the topic, and they had a lot of learning material that we could just ask for. We also had to do a project and then we needed to defend it. This helped us to find our mistakes, and learn from each other. If I had to choose to do this training again or not, I definitely would go again and recommend it to other students.

Andrius Paulauskas, teacher in the Young Computer Users School also mentioned that:“This module was the foundation of how a game/program project is made. We have introduced students how the project should start with an analysis of today’s market, and how to think of an idea that is missing from it. We have covered the development stages, and ended the module with how a finished product should be presented to an audience (or in our case, the class). Project based work is the industry’s standard as of today, so it was of most importance to introduce students to it. Virtual reality is a perspective technology that is being adapted for more diverse areas. Therefore technological knowledge about this technology is important and expands the opportunities of the future employee in the labor market.

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