The pilot experience in Spain

Last March, the integrated itinerary from Jobs4Tech project finished in the Spanish VET centres.

The experience, aimed to develop with students an integrated itinerary of Virtual and Augemnted Reality combined with Soft Skills for Employment and Entrepreneurship, allowed introducing this new technologies in the Vocational Training classroom.

The ultimate goal of this Project was to Fostering employability in an IT sector with such a high demand through the implementation of this integrated itinerary.

Karen Anabel Ochoa, student of the Web Applications Development Degree and participant fo this pilot experience stated: “Receiving training in Virtual Training is an added value to my CV general knowledge on new technologies”. Likewise Diego Matín, teacher in the VET Centre Jose Ramón Otero aknowledges its importance saying that “training in Virtual and Augmented Reality will be an employment opportunity for the students considering the technological changes that are going to promote it”.

This innovative integration of technical knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship has substantially reinforced this training proposal. Teamwork, flexibility or creativity among other skills, has been some of the most aknowledged in this professional sector. After the piloting, Irene Solís, student of Administration of Network Computer systems shared with us: ” I believe teamwork is one of the most important skills in the Virtual Reality sector. You have to work together to design and develop a new environment and teamwork helps you develope a better Project”.

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